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New extension from Geocode Factory

Hi Rick, can you tell us about the recently released extension Sobipro Radius Search Application?

Hi Kristian, the Radius Search Application is a native SobiPro application (plugin). And allows you to add a field into the native SobiPro search form to be able to add both centerpoint and radius distance criteria to the SobiPro search function. It works in conjunction with and is entirely integrated with that form. You can search just by radius distance or with any combination of native SobiPro search criteria. The search result display the entries that are into the given radius, and there is an option to display the distance from center point on each vcard in the search result listing and the vcard entries can be optionally sorted by distance. This application is compatible with : Geocode Factory + Map Search and the map module of SobiPro. But it work also as standalone product with SobiPro. Of course your need to have each SobiPro entry geocoded, you can use the Geocode Factory, or the SP-geo-field app.

How come that you choose to develop this extension for SobiPro?

As you know we provide a mapping component for joomla named Geocode Factory. For this component we already have a plugin (SobiPro map search) that display, search result of SobiPro into a Geocode Factory map module. And on this map, the user can use the Geocode Factory Radius feature (search by entering a location or pick a point) to afine the result. But some users has asked us to improve the process, to have only one step. Then we have taken the descision to create a dedicated application for SobiPro. Our Radius Search Application for SobiPro is fully integrated to the SobiPro search form and allow the user to find results into a given radius from the SobiPro directory in one unique operation. Of course the Radius search is compatible with Geocode Factory maps. And another great concept is that we do not install any extra location-coordinates database (for people that have used the Sobi2 Radius search, it's a real improvement). There is also an option to use the user's real position (usefull for iPhone, and Android). And by the way we were glad, because we was the first third party developer of an SobiPro application.

A working demo can be found here : Sobipro Radius Search demo site.


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