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Deals in Joomla - find discounts for extensions

Hi Parth, last time we talked, you were busy upgrading SocialAds and JBolo - now you have a new website soon to be released. Can you tell us about it?

Yup.. A lots been happening & btw another round of cool releases of SocialAds, Invitex & J!MailAlerts are just a few weeks away !  

The main purpose of the site is getting the best Deals in Joomla to the Joomla community. The site aims to serve both the Joomla User community as well as the developer community. Extension developers are looking for ways to reach out to the huge base of Joomla users but its pretty tough to get to everyone out there. We do a lot of cross promotions with Partners, Advertisements, Affiliate systems & what not to reach the userbase.  But its tough to get to everyone. When i got an email from a lady complaining that she had just missed a real sweet deal on Techjoomla because she didnt know about it, i thought there had to be a way for users to easily get updates about such opportunities.

Thats when the idea of DealsInJoomla was born..  We want to make it easy for Extension devs to market their extensions & spend more time developing better ones than worrying about how to market it.. Its going to be much easier to collaborate together on marketing & get to one big userbase quickly rather than always trying to get to our individual customers . The site is the place where you can collaborate with all of the extension developers (& with features that we are building in, also do specific collective campaigns).  

The way it will work atleast initially is that we would like all extension devs to post their Special Deals/ coupons/ Discounts on the website. The discounts shall only be accessible for logged in users. We shall be having many more features that will help Extension devs collaborate on marketing. For the end users, we shall make sure we get the lowest & the best Joomla deals for you from the entire Joomla extensions community. With the site, you shall get the coolest deals.

Plus we shall be having easy ways for Joomla Day Organisers Apply for sponsorship, goodies etc.. It will be super easy to get to many extension devs at once..

When do you think the site will be launched?

We expect to launch by August.. Currently we are talking to a lot of extension developers to take part in our Launch Promotion, which promises to be the biggest collection of Deals Joomla has ever seen. So if you want to get this Mega deal, make sure you do the prelaunch signup at the site!

Big companies like Spotfiy has big problem to move users from free products to premium ones (people expect products to be free), do you experience the same problem?

Well we do a good balance of free & paid products. We have found if we make a good extension, people are willing to spend..Finally it has to give them good value for their money. We have been making extensions for a while now & have over 50 free extensions between our sites & . These are all community supported.. When we made some of the extensions at Techjoomla paid, we can now afford to keep a dedicated team for developing new enterprise level products & also support them.

How do you work to reach end-users in order to sell premium products?

Well we have a good twitter following, JED helps of course.. We also do a lot of cross promotions with partners & a some amount of Blogging.. With DealsInJoomla we hope to reduce that workload quite a bit & let the site do its Magic for both extension devs & users!


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