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Quick questions Andrew Rogers


Tell us about Stackideas - how are you guys?

We have a small team of 8 with an equal mix of designers and developers, all from various backgrounds across south east Asia.
I am in charge of the core development of all our components and not forgetting all aspects of the company including the arrangement of our office furnitures.

You are providing the appricated extension EasyBlog - why do you think EasyBlog is so popular?

Probably its because EasyBlog, like the name suggests, is easy to use and start blogging in a jiffy. It is our policy to make softwares easy to use because not only it allows more users to use it but also brings in more revenue to us. Not to forget, we dedicate our time in making sure every inquiries that come in are meticulously solved with easy to understand solutions, in the shortest time possible.

On your site you are offering 30 days refund for customers that are not happy with your products, it´s not so common to provide refund fordownloadable products - how has this refund policy been working out for you?

It was a difficult decision for us but putting ourselves in the customers' shoes, we would not buy if a certain sense of security is missing. We only started this policy a month ago and so far our customers are trusting us well. Maybe they feel comfortable shopping at our site and it could also be a possibility that our products deliver what they are looking for, too.

Stackideas are seen on both Twitter and Facebook - how are you working with social marketing?

We did not solely depend on these social networks when we started. We are now seriously looking into social marketing to increase our revenue in the coming months. Apart from that, these tools will portray the 'human' side of StackIdeas where we engage and interact with our customers and also as an avenue for us to gather feedback from them.

What will we see from Stackideas during this year?

We are in the midst of coming up with a new major extension that we believe will enhance the way we communicate on the web. We will also keep our existing components like EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and SectionEx updated as we go along. So, yeah, these will keep our fingers glued to our keyboards for the remaining of 2011.


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