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Quick questions Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos


Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos tell us about you and your company

I am a 30 years old Mechanical Engineer turned web developer. Most people know me as the Lead Developer of Akeeba Backup, the flagship product of my company, You might be surprised, but I have no Computer Science background. I taught myself how to code and I was lucky enough to have the entire Free and Open Source Software community provide ample support towards this goal.

Akeeba backup is one of the most popular extensions at JED - why do you think it´s so popular?

Other people tell me it is so because it's the best backup component extension, regardless of the CMS. I don't think so. I believe that it's popular because it just works. People love software which installs, works and they don't have to worry about it. When it doesn't work there's top notch free documentation and the speediest free support around. I guess that providing high quality code, excellent documentation and lightning fast response is the best (and most difficult!) way to have a popular product! :)

You have develop several extensions and you offering both non-commercial/commercial versions - how is that working out from a developer perspective?

Offering extensions for free doesn't make much business sense, but I'm not doing into FOSS development to become rich and famous. I'm here because of the spirit of the GPL which is all about collaborating and helping others. I am a lousy teacher, so I can't contribute by teaching people how to use software. However, I am a decent developer, so my contribution to the FOSS community is my software.

From a making-a-living perspective, it turns out that the prospect of having a GPL-based business isn't as grim as you might think of. In the end of the day there are tons of professionals and companies who'd rather pay the developer to keep on coding, as well as provide them with one-to-one support. I tap onto that potential to make a living and finance my passion for helping other people. Making everyone happy by working together. That's what the spirit of the GPL is all about and, yes, it does work in the real world MUCH better than you'd ever think!

Recently you have released, in beta, Akeeba Subscriptions - can you tell us about it?

Akeeba Subscriptions was developed as the result of me "scratching my own itch". I had outgrown the capabilities of my previous subscriptions system and wanted something better. At the same time, I wanted something that "just works" and doesn't take a rocket scientist to setup and maintain. Unfortunately, all existing solutions were either way too simple and underpowered or way too complicated. So, I just sat down and began writing a subscriptions manager. Thank to using the Nooku Framework to do that, I was able to develop it in record time and add all those extra features I'd love to have: coupon codes, automatic tax rules, one page checkout, integrations with a ton of components and payment processors, beautiful-looking stats and compatibility with Joomla! 1.5/1.6 without much hassle. Its power is derived by its simplicity. It will never grow into a component that can handle all arbitrary business needs. If you need something like that, there's AEC; no need for me to reinvent the wheel. Akeeba Subscriptions will always stay a simple component that the majority of e-businesses can use to sell subscriptions on their sites easily, affordably and without spending an eternity configuring it!

Why did you choose to develop for Joomla?

Just a happy accident :) I was originally developing desktop applications using Delphi. At one point, I had to develop a website and I chose the now-defunct phpNuke. Soon enough we outgrew the system and went on the lookout for a new CMS. Mambo -Joomla!'s predecessor- fit the feature set we needed nicely and we started using it. Then we sifted to developing websites instead of custom desktop applications. When I left the company I was working for, I kept on developing web sites with Joomla!. Naturally, I started tweaking things and writing more and more code, so I evolved to a Joomla! developer.

What will we see from Akeeba developers during this year?

I get asked this question every so often, but the only frank reply I can give is "I have no idea". There are a lot of ideas for new features queued up. The only limiting factor of what will be developed this year is time ;)


Quick questions Andrew Rogers


Tell us about Stackideas - how are you guys?

We have a small team of 8 with an equal mix of designers and developers, all from various backgrounds across south east Asia.
I am in charge of the core development of all our components and not forgetting all aspects of the company including the arrangement of our office furnitures.

You are providing the appricated extension EasyBlog - why do you think EasyBlog is so popular?

Probably its because EasyBlog, like the name suggests, is easy to use and start blogging in a jiffy. It is our policy to make softwares easy to use because not only it allows more users to use it but also brings in more revenue to us. Not to forget, we dedicate our time in making sure every inquiries that come in are meticulously solved with easy to understand solutions, in the shortest time possible.

On your site you are offering 30 days refund for customers that are not happy with your products, it´s not so common to provide refund fordownloadable products - how has this refund policy been working out for you?

It was a difficult decision for us but putting ourselves in the customers' shoes, we would not buy if a certain sense of security is missing. We only started this policy a month ago and so far our customers are trusting us well. Maybe they feel comfortable shopping at our site and it could also be a possibility that our products deliver what they are looking for, too.

Stackideas are seen on both Twitter and Facebook - how are you working with social marketing?

We did not solely depend on these social networks when we started. We are now seriously looking into social marketing to increase our revenue in the coming months. Apart from that, these tools will portray the 'human' side of StackIdeas where we engage and interact with our customers and also as an avenue for us to gather feedback from them.

What will we see from Stackideas during this year?

We are in the midst of coming up with a new major extension that we believe will enhance the way we communicate on the web. We will also keep our existing components like EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and SectionEx updated as we go along. So, yeah, these will keep our fingers glued to our keyboards for the remaining of 2011.


Quick questions Parth Lawate


Parth Lawate tell us about you and your company

Thanks so much for interviewing me !
I am a old time Joomla guy working with Joomla since the mambo days. I love to promote Opensource & am an avid Linux & Joomla evangelist. With a view to be able to do what we loved best, we formed our company while still in college studying for our Mechanical Engineering degrees. Stumbling on Mambo while working on some non profit projects earlier was one of the best things that ever happened to us !

Our Company Tekdi Web Solutions was founded in 2006 ( We just celebrated our 5th Birthday !) & specializes in development on Open Source content management systems like Joomla, Drupal Wordpress , Ecommerce systems using Magento , Adobe Air Apps, Appcelerator Based Mobile & Desktop development & also builds custom apps. With a team of 25 + Developers we are always raring to go on exciting & innovative new projects !
Techjoomla was founded 2 years back in order to specifically bring focus to Joomla based Product development & channelize our ideas & our customers needs into sustainable open source products that could add value to the community. In Techjoomla we believe in doing community driven development & involve the community as much as possible in the ideation process through our Labs board where we post all our experimental work. We believe that listening to customers & love to delight them by providing high quality & innovative extensions.

You have recently released SocialAds 2.5 - can you tell us about SocialAds?

SocialAds is one of our leading products that brings a modern & intuitive Advertising management system to Joomla. Its the only Advertising management system in Joomla which offers "Social" or demographic targeting, just like facebook. With a super intuitive & easy to use "Self Service" Ad Designer, SocialAds lets advertisers create their own ads on your Joomla website , Chose what kind of targeting is needed ( Optionally also set it up to Target Guests) , Chose whether to pay Per Click, Per Impression or per day  & Pay online using an array of payment methods  , without the admin needing to make a single click. The admin can however optionally chose to moderate every ad for content.
The Best feature of SocialAds as our customers say is the Ad Designer. As one of our customer says, "When you look at a ad built in the designer, you just so love the look of it , that you have to buy it !".  Plus SocialAds gives the power to the Advertisers. They chose the look of their ad, who sees it, how they want to pay. & even where they want the ad to be seen & on the top of it they get a Snazzy Ad Statistics Dashboard which lets them monitor the performance of their Ad. SocialAds increases advertising ROI by a huge amount.

With SocialAds, we have tried to lower the entry barrier for advertisers by allowing anyone to advertise without having to create any kind of Special Advertising Accounts. Whats more, we also have something called promotion plugins, to make it super easy to Advertise something you already have on the site.. Say like a SOBI entry or JomSocial Groups.
With Version 2.5, SocialAds is not "Necessarily Social" . What it means is that it can also be used on Websites that do not have Social extensions like CB or Community Builder.  Plus 2.5 introduces a lot of features traditionally expected of a Enterprise level Advertising system, without losing out on the simplicity of use that makes SocialAds so popular. We now have Zone Management, Ad Layouts, Zone based Pricing to let site owners charge more for premium spaces, Coupon management for promotions & over 100 + other small features, bug fixes & improvements !
SocialAds has something for Developers too ! Now SocialAds supports various plugin types to extend SocialAds in some amazing ways. Adding more payment plugins, Adding more ad layouts whats more with the next version, you will be able to write targeting plugins too  in order to extend SocialAds targeting capacities.  

Many of your extensions are well integrated with Jomsocial and Community builder - is it hard to update and adjust your own extension in order to work with latest version of a third-party?

Well only if the 3rd party doesnt provide a robust API & plugin architecture !  But with CB & JomSocial, these guys are really great. Both of them have a super API with excellent documentation. The guys at JomSocial are always willing to listen If we want some new plugin event. In the end its really about collaboration. Its great to be able together with this amazing community of developers that makes Joomla so powerful.. which i guess takes us to your next question !

Why did you choose to develop for Joomla?

Joomla is an excellent CMS or Development platform & is backed by a great User as well as developer community. We had been working with Mambo/Joomla for almost 4 years .. & have kind of developed a expertise in it & also have a good sense of the communities needs. Finally its very much fun & a great learning experience to grow with & collaborate with the great Joomla developer community.

What will we see from TechJoomla during this year?

We have quite a lot coming up ! There is Broadcast which is a Social Stream sync extension for JomSocial which allows you to integrate JomSocial's activity stream with Facebook, LinkedIn & twitter & also allow uses to post updates to all these networks from your site. Its sparked quite some interest & will help sites achieve tighter facebook integration.
Then we have a full rewrite of JBolo coming with ver 3.0 which will happen in late June which promises to get rid of Javascript conflict type issues & add a great performance improvement. With SocialAds , we have Keyword targeting( Contextual), Geolocation targeting & another Major development related to the same in in the works, but we are keeping it under wraps for the moment ;) . With Invitex, we have a concept called "Invite Anwhere" coming up which will allow you to use Invitex to invite for anything.. just like you can integrate a commenting system with any content !

parth_lawate techjoomla



Quick questions Jan Pavelka

Swedish version here
Jan Pavelka has developed many extensions for Joomla. He has three pages on the JED and all extensions are "non-commercial".

Why did you choose to develop for Joomla?

I didn't understand Mambo, Joomla! 1.0, Drupal, Wordpress, but I still have been searching some CMS where I can make my code and not lose my time with things like: login, database accessing, managing sites and articles, etc. One day I found Joomla! 1.5 Beta demo site and it was exactly what I have looking for, so I learnt the framework and have discovered, there is great system for developing and implementing extensions.

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