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Quick questions Rick Zed

Hi Rick Zed, tell us about you self!

I´m the developer of Myjoom, 35y old, I begun my career as a draftman in an electricity company. Later on i specialized in CAD. Thereafter I developed a powerful electrical CAD application (in Lisp) for Autocad and followed programming school. Subsequently I became C++ developer for Autodesk softwares.

During this period, I have gained experience in managing technical support, and writing users manuals. Since years, I have completely changed direction in fulfilling a childhood dream by becoming a train driver in the Swiss Alps. This job gives me many time to practice his main hobby: developping php/joomla applications, by using my C++ skills.

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Quick questions Henrik Hussfelt

Hi Henrik, who are you and how do you work with Joomla?

Hey there!
I have been working with Joomla! since the fork of Mambo and since then been engaged in several companies that work both against clients and the community at large. Right now my focus is to be an evangelist for Migur, which is an English company.

Migur has an extension coming out soon called Migur Newsletter - you can tell us about the extension?

Migur Newsletter aims to be a bit different then normal newsletters. We try to simplify the way you create the newsletters and work with lists. The thought behind the component is to have a low learning curve. The license is of course GPL, and version 2. Migur as a corporate entity offers support on their extensions, but everything is free to download and use.

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Quick questions Max Milbers

Hi Max, can you tell us about your self and your role in the Virtuemart project?

I am 33 years old, married and have a little daugther and live in Dresden. Actually I studied engineering design and started developing for the Fraunhofer Institut as student assistent proving the concept of GPGPU. Later I wrote a program in java for calculation of screws and bolts. Due the economy crysis 2008 I lost my marketing partner and needed an online shop. I started to setup pages in joomla and so I came to Virtuemart.

My role was at begin just a developer who needed an online store to sell his goods. I was the only one working on the new version (vm1.2) and became dissapointed by the rest of the leading team. There was no programmer leading anymore. So some other team members and me started a fork JMart to have the possibility to rewrite the code as we programmers think it should be. After some months Sören, the former leader, asked us to takeover the lead of virtuemart. We accepted the offer and so I became a project leader of virtuemart. My main interest was in this time to develop Virtuemart 1.5, which is now released as Virtuemart 2.

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Quick questions Amy Stephen

Hi Amy, can you tell us about your self and your role in the Joomla community?

I am a long time community member, having joined the community in November 2005. Professionally, I have worked in the IT industry for over 25 years having started with mainframes and IBM technologies, client server GUIs, data warehousing and Web development. Most of my experience has been in "the enterprise" environment working with software like SAP. One of the accomplishments I am most proud is having built the University of Nebraska's data warehouse, integrating data historically, organizationally, across subject-areas, for 20 years of student, budget, financial, and human resource data.

My involvement in the Joomla community has varied. Like many others, I started contributing in the forums. I was frustrated that none of my questions were answers and started noticing unanswered questions by others where I had already learned that lesson. Increasingly, I found myself getting involved and helping people. It was very satisfying and it helped me learn. I also participated in the documentation team, the Bug Squad, and worked on the Communications Team for a long time. I started All Together, As A Whole as a place for community to reconnect following the GPL talks. I am active on Twitter and easy to approach, always happy to meet new folks.

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Deals in Joomla - find discounts for extensions

Hi Parth, last time we talked, you were busy upgrading SocialAds and JBolo - now you have a new website soon to be released. Can you tell us about it?

Yup.. A lots been happening & btw another round of cool releases of SocialAds, Invitex & J!MailAlerts are just a few weeks away !  

The main purpose of the site is getting the best Deals in Joomla to the Joomla community. The site aims to serve both the Joomla User community as well as the developer community. Extension developers are looking for ways to reach out to the huge base of Joomla users but its pretty tough to get to everyone out there. We do a lot of cross promotions with Partners, Advertisements, Affiliate systems & what not to reach the userbase.  But its tough to get to everyone. When i got an email from a lady complaining that she had just missed a real sweet deal on Techjoomla because she didnt know about it, i thought there had to be a way for users to easily get updates about such opportunities.

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