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NetSukii - move your site to Joomla

We have previously interviewed Barnaby Dixon, you can find the article here. He has now released a new extension.
Hi Barnaby, you have recently released a new component called NetSukki - can you tell us about it?

NetSukii is an import component that works as a spider. It first crawls your site, to find all the possible pages for import. Then you can import each page to Joomla according to your import settings. The new article is integrated in Joomla, and behaves exactly like any other article. The new article will be available in the article manager, and will contain the original page's content.

How does is it handle more complex things like categories, meta tags, users and forum posts?

For the category, you can import ALL new articles to an existing category. Alternatively, you can use the 'Automatic categories' function to try to determine what category the new article should use. So if you have a page at your new article will be called interest.html, and will try to find the Finance category, and subcategory Banking. If the categories don't exist, they will be created. This way, with a good SEO component such as SH404sef, you can maintain your original link structure.

Metatags are automatically retrieved and saved to your new article, if you decide you want to keep the old metatags.

You can set the user to use as the 'author' in the import settings. You can also set the author for each individual URL before import.

Forum posts will currently be imported as individual articles. I currently recommend to not import forum posts, and instead to re-create the forum in your Joomla environment, and then to copy your old forum database to your new Joomla system.

Previously you have released HTML 2 Articles, will NetSukki replace H2A?
NetSukii will not replace HTML 2 Articles, but is a similar tool, and will work alongside it. Many people are still using old HTML and Frontpage based websites, and HTML 2 Articles is still the easiest option for importing those. But if you have a dynamic PHP or CMS based site, or a large live site, NetSukii is going to be the tool of choice :-)


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